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A collection of inspirational people
and how they defined their own work and passion.
Each drawing is available as coloring page.

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    ︎ Adenike Oladosu
    ︎ Alexandria Villasenor
    ︎ Amanda Ngoc Nguyen NEW
    ︎ Amariyanna Copeny NEW
    ︎ Ann Makosinski
    ︎ Aung San Suu Kyi
    ︎ Bessie Coleman
    ︎ Biruté Galdikas NEW
    ︎ Blair Imani
    ︎ Boyan Slat
    ︎ Chi Chia Wei
    ︎ Christian Kroll NEW
    ︎ Dian Fossey
    ︎ Elizabeth Wathuti
    ︎ Eugenie Clark
    ︎ Euzhan Palcy NEW
    ︎ Fernanda Rotondo NEW
    ︎ Frida Kahlo NEW
    ︎ Hans And Sophie Scholl
    ︎ Ingrid Newkirk
    ︎ Jane Goodall
    ︎ Jawahir Roble
    ︎ Laurie Marker
    ︎ Levan Berianidze
    ︎ Lilly Platt NEW
    ︎ Mae C Jemison NEW
    ︎ Marsha P. Johnson
    ︎ Paul Watson NEW
    ︎ Paula Kahumbu
    ︎ Queen Nzinga NEW
    ︎ Ridhima Pandey NEW
    ︎ Rosa Parks
    ︎ Rosalina Tuyuc
    ︎ Saffiyah Khan
    ︎ Sangduen Chailert
    ︎ Tabay Atkins NEW
    ︎ Vandana Shiva NEW
    ︎ Vanessa Nakate
    ︎ Vivien Westwood
    ︎ Wasfia Nazreen
    ︎ Xiuhtezcatl Roske Martinez

There are wonderfully inspiring stories by and about people who want to protect and shape the world for all of us. My coloring pages are meant to be a playful and creative way for young and old to approach these hopeful themes. They are meant to show that with every profession a change for the better is also possible. Our passion, our interests, our curiosity can help us create the kind of work that is meaningful and fun.

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Graphic Recording & Reporting

Enabling Spaces & Murals
Illustration as Ideation Method ToolKit
Illustrative Personas
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