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The world as concept

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#1 The Futures Cone Reboot

The illustration shows the scientific model of Futures Cone (I) and its concept of ‘P’ futures – Potential, Preposterous, Possible, Plausible, Probable, Preferred, and Projected (Joseph Voros, Physicist, 2003, www.thevoroscope.com/2017/02/24/the-futures-cone-use-and-history). A theoretical construct, to explain what futures might excist. The model bases on a simple geometric shape. At the same time it can have a huge effect how we see reality. So I started to ask myself about alternative concepts and played with the shape of cone (II-XI). Would a change of those drawed lines define new sights of futures? What dialogs and speculative scenarios would come up then? What new questions we would have to ask ourselves suddently? Therefore I created an illustration of different shapes of cones and combination of cones as an invitation to speculate beyond the presumed known.

#2 Communication Levels

The illustration makes clear how messangers feel an apparent gap and thereby provide potential for more pressure within any kind of relationships. Unavailability can be tantamount to rejection. Perhaps it is. To what extent should we admit to each other that even the closest people don't always feel like being with each other? Does it make sense to let them see it? And what does it do to our thoughts? Not everyone is given the social filter to block out people and their desires. How do we protect ourselves from endless feedback loops? How can the ego still be ego in order to be able to relate at the decisive moment?

#3 The Gravitiy of Relationship

Relationship forms exist like stars in the firmament. The stars attract each other in different ways. Depending on dimension, character and push by preceding routes. But things are not always equally fair. Opposing forces would have to move towards zero to form a perfect unity. Different forces of attraction create a dance of unequal rotation. Degree of expectation and will to adapt form a temporary pole of connectedness. In the end constellations come together, they remain and also separate again. A cosmic play of the mutual self-realization.

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