RIED   Illustrator, Futurist & Sci-Communicator                                                                                     

ERA – Evidence for Resilient Agriculture

Evidence for Resilient Agriculture (ERA) is a platform that delivers data and tools designed to pinpoint what agricultural technologies work where. Built on the last 30-plus years of agriculture research, ERA provides comprehensive synthesis of the effects of shifting from one technology to another on key indicators of productivity, system resilience and climate change mitigation. ︎

»Sandra is a very talented illustrator, highly capable of translating complex science messages into artistic visual pieces. Her work clearly stands out from the crowd. I've had the pleasure to work with her on two design assignments and, apart from her talent, unique artistic approach to graphic design, she's showed genuine dedication and drive to produce high quality work.«
Andreea  Nowak, Communication Consultant & Climate Driven Activist

Client: World Agroforestry,  Kenia

Future Scenarios & Artefacts
Conceptual Scetches
Visual Leitmotif
Process & Information Design
Graphic Recording & Reporting

Enabling Spaces & Murals
Illustration as Ideation Method ToolKit
Illustrative Personas
Visual Workshop Tandem
Gif Animations

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