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Arbeit X Anders
The work >Arbeit mal anders< shows a new work culture with demand-oriented workplaces and rooms for the future of the Berlin financial administration.

Client: Fraunhofer CeRRI, commissioned by Senate Department of Finance Berlin 

How the process looks like?

In short, the development of the scenarios was accompanied by the regular discussion of scientific findings. I usually read essays and develop sketches that are characterized by repetitive exchange with scientists and clients. In this way, visual concepts for possible future scenarios are created, followed by the further development into detailed landscapes and spaces that are modular, futuristic and fluid in a multi-dimensional way. All these points allows to reveal the interconnectedness of all areas. The world is complex, more then ever. Lets bring it back to something understandable!
So to what extent do illustrative scenarios go beyond the purely aesthetic?

In my works reality and fiction become one and allow multiple perspectives and applications. This potential makes clear that it is essential to deal with the power of illustrations in the field of science communication and ideation. On the one hand, scenarios are communication tools and make current developments more discussable and acceptances visible. They are idea accelerators and open new questions for the day after tomorrow. In addition, style and environment are removed from time and make multinarrative events and interrelations comprehensible in a very impressive way. This complexity is the reason why illustrative scenarios are especially valuable for various workshops, dialogs and visions about human, future and complexitiy.

Perfect for visualizing desirable corporate cultures as well. Are you interested? I will be more then happy to illustrate your vision.

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