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Spec Archive

A constantly growing archive  about speculative artefacts.

The idea of a speculative archive came up during my work with social scientists from 2014-2017. It found its origin in the method Spec Icons developed by me. Goal is to generate ideas with focus on new technology. It was tested many times during creative workshops in the field of foresight and by one of the largest institutions of applied research in Germany. Perfect for innovation consultants, labs, incubators, accelerators and all who need a great tool for ideation processes.

If that sounds great to you, then let's create a personal toolkit for your processes! me@sandrariedel.com

»Die von Heddi Ried entwickelten »Speculative Icons« haben sich bereits zu einem wertvollen Werkzeug bei interdisziplinären Diskursen entwickelt, dass von uns mit großem Erfolg eingesetzt wird. Wir bedanken uns für diese besonders hervorragende Zusammenarbeit!«  Fraunhofer CeRRI, Berlin.

»The Speculative Icons« - developed by Heddi Ried - have become already a valuable tool for interdisciplinary discourses and it is used by great success. We thank RIED especially for this excellent cooperation!« Martina Schraudner, Fraunhofer, CeRRI, Berlin

Future Scenarios & Artefacts
Conceptual Scetches
Visual Leitmotif
Process & Information Design
Graphic Recording & Reporting

Enabling Spaces & Murals
Illustration as Ideation Method ToolKit
Illustrative Personas
Visual Workshop Tandem
Gif Animations

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