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Future of Berlin Waste Management - BSR


How the Berlin Waste Management will influence the capital of germany in 2030+? 14 visions were transformed into speculative artefacts and scenarios. 

Clients: Fraunhofer CeRRI and BSR (Berlin Waste Management)

Dynamic Greening
Berlin City View
Exo Skeleton

Centre of Sustainability
Orange Screw
Healthcare Monitoring

Resource Cycle Scanner
New Work
Delivery Pick-Up Service

Adaptive Route Guide

Exploitation of Datas
Alternative Future Products

Future Scenarios & Artefacts
Conceptual Scetches
Visual Leitmotif
Process & Information Design
Graphic Recording & Reporting

Enabling Spaces & Murals
Illustration as Ideation Method ToolKit
Illustrative Personas
Visual Workshop Tandem
Gif Animations

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