RIED   Illustrator, Futurist & Sci-Communicator                                                                                     

Shaping Future II


Speculative illustrations created
for interactive exhibition by Fraunhofer CeRRI.

Two speculative scenarios and products,
created by  Stefan Schwabe (Gutmentor)
and Florian Born (Healing Muscle Patch),
were transformed into  illustrative manuals and
published within an final exhibition of a long term
research project. Sponsor: Bundesministerium
für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF). 

Future Scenarios & Artefacts
Conceptual Scetches
Visual Leitmotif
Process & Information Design
Graphic Recording & Reporting

Enabling Spaces & Murals
Illustration as Ideation Method ToolKit
Illustrative Personas
Visual Workshop Tandem
Gif Animations

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