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Concrete Transformation Festival

I recorded the visions and cases of 28 participants
during the workshop »Zukunftswerkstatt Stolpe«.
Purpose was to visualize the ideas how to transform
the concrete factory area in Stolpe. Just 3 minutes
per participant and vision and case.
Result were 56 single scetches.

»Tolle Ideen und klare Kommunikation. Alles dabei
was gutes Graphic Recording braucht. Immer wieder gern!«
Thomas Dönnebrink 
»Great ideas and clear communication.
Everything that good graphic recording needs. 
I enjoy to work with her again!« Thomas Dönnebrink

Organizer: Kulturpark Stolpe, Ulrich Kaiser (www.transform-stolpe.de) 
& Studio Amore (www.studioamore.de). Moderator: Thomas Doennebrink.
Excerpt of scetches

Future Scenarios & Artefacts
Conceptual Scetches
Visual Leitmotif
Process & Information Design
Graphic Recording & Reporting

Enabling Spaces & Murals
Illustration as Ideation Method ToolKit
Illustrative Personas
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