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Constructed Theories

A visual mind game.
Theoretical models are turned upside down
by drawing and reconstructing them.

#1 Futures Cone Reboot

The illustration shows the scientific model of Futures Cone (I) and its concept of ‘P’ futures – Potential, Preposterous, Possible, Plausible, Probable, Preferred, and Projected (Joseph Voros, Physicist, 2003, www.thevoroscope.com/2017/02/24/the-futures-cone-use-and-history). A theoretical construct, to explain what futures might excist. The model bases on a simple geometric shape. At the same time it can have a huge effect how we see reality. So I started to ask myself about alternative concepts and played with the shape of cone (II-XI). Would a change of those drawed lines define new sights of futures? What dialogs and speculative scenarios would come up then? What new questions we would have to ask ourselves suddently? Therefore I created an illustration of different shapes of cones and combination of cones as an invitation to speculate beyond the presumed known.

What stories you would see beyond those cones? Love to hear about: me@r-i-e-d.com

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